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Founded in 2005 with a very humble beginning, DADS Charity is a growing community making a difference. Born in cycling, our core mission is about doing what we love and using the resources available to us to make a difference to the people we support.

The focus is children and education through the four main charities we are connected to.

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WHY do we exist…

People don’t always support WHAT you do… they tend to connect more with WHY you do it. Our aim is to then always connect beyond that by highlighting the WHO.

By connecting our community with WHY we do what we do and for WHO – we are able to connect directly with the part of the brain that controls behaviour.

This is what being part of DADS is all about and we share a common purpose.

Founded in 2005 with a very humble beginning, DADS Charity is a growing brand & community making a difference. Born in cycling, our core mission is about doing what we love and using the resources available to us to make a difference in the lives of the people we support.

Our vision is in our name, being Dedicated Ambassadors Delivering Support to children in need.

The focus of our support is children and education through the 4 main charities we are currently connected to:

  • CHOC – Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa
  • TDSAG – The Down Syndrome Association of Gauteng
  • Kids Haven
  • Fulton School for the Deaf

The DADS community is connected through our WhatsApp group, Facebook page, Newsletters and various events. We raise support through time, money and things – connecting those who have to those who need it.

Not everyone has a budget to spend, but everyone is able to offer a skill, resource or a bit of their time to make a difference.

WHAT we do connects us, WHY we do it defines us and WHO we do it for inspires us to keep doing it. Anyone can be part of DADS Charity – get in touch with us today.

A little history…

In 2005, a group of fun-loving yet concerned dads got together and decided to try and make a difference to the lives of others, but at the same time, enjoying themselves and working on leading a healthier lifestyle. Hence began, The DADS Charity Challenge.

The idea was conceptualized in the only way possible – over a few beers one Saturday. The plan was to ride their bikes from Johannesburg to Durban and raise money for charity – with a first year target of R10 000! Not only did they sweat, pant and curse with every pedal stroke, but they also managed to raise R25 000 in aid of charity!

Since then, the group has raised in excess of R5 million in aid of our various charities and individuals. We were well aware that the global economic strain and donor fatigue has been tightening up many a purse string, but we are consistently dedicated to meeting our objective of raising an annual sum of R400,000.

The Durban Tour happens in October, from Johannesburg on the Wednesday leading up to the Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Cycle Classic on the Sunday as our fifth and final day of our cycle tour.

While the Durban Tour has always been our main event, we have been actively involved in a number of other fundraising initiatives since the first DADS´ Ride, and we have hosted several dinners with the legendary Phil Liggett to boost our fundraising efforts, and other fun evenings like Quiz Nights and Comedy Nights and Golf Days.

In 2018 we relaunched our brand to DADS to embrace the support and participation of all genders and all ages to our collective efforts. True to our roots, we kept the name “dads” but changed it to an acronym.

DADS now stands for Dedicated Ambassadors Delivering Support … to children in need.

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HOW can you get involved…

The clearly defined focus of DADS Charity allows us to connect with many CSI criteria of businesses. As a registered non-profit organisation, and BEE Certified Level 4, we are able to meet the requirements of most of this annually allocated spending.

Financial Support:

All donations made to DADS Charity, will be covered by the statutory BBBEE verification standards that are
required in order for your business to validate your Donation spend. We will provide you with the following

  • BEE Certificate
  • Lettering confirming that the beneficiaries are a minimum of 75% black beneficiaries receiving the support
  • Section 18A Tax certificate
  • Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) confirmation
  • Certificate of Registration of Non-Profit Organisation (NPO)

Your financial donation will support and fund our recognised beneficiaries with contributions towards things like:

  • Schooling and Education
  • Bursaries and related costs
  • Disabled learning, funding and scholarships
  • ICT programmes and learning centres
  • Sporting initiatives and development
Time and Community Support:

Not every member of the DADS community is able to allocate funds or join an event – which is why we value their time, ability and resources.

By having an understanding of what people have access to and clearly communicating the needs of what we do, we are able to create effective connections which result in immense support.

Our charities have ongoing needs, our tours and events have requirements and a lot of these are able to be met by the wonderful people in our community.

Wherever we are able to tick something off a list, we reduce the cost of making something happen, which allows us to allocate funds directly to the charities for the things we are not able to do for them.

One of the most valuable allocations we receive is time, but often one of the hardest things to do is show people where they can use it.

By connecting closer to those we support, we are able to build trusted relationships and gain information on where time is best allocated.

Event and Participation Support:

The main event is our Durban Tour which allows us to raise awareness and funds – while bringing our community together.

In the build-up to the tour, we have the opportunity of promoting our DADS brand to a large audience and interacting with many sponsors and those who support the tour.

Each member of the tour covers their costs to participate while raising a further R5000 through their personal and/or professional network.

For those who are not able to join the tour and ride with us to Durban, we welcome any support which goes to covering costs and increasing the fundraising ability of the event.

With thanks to our ongoing main partners – DHL, Biogen, Cronimet, and many more – we are able to maintain the high event standard we have set while raising a heart-warming amount of money each year.

In order to build the DADS brand, we encourage everyone to wear the DADS apparel at all cycling events.

We aim to expand this into other apparel so our brand can be seen in running and other sports.

Throughout the year we try where possible to promote and take part in the events of our charities by generating an event calendar.

By being part of DADS, any participation and support here is welcome.

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Upcoming Events

DADS Charity Durban Tour 2021


Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

From humble beginnings with a group of ‘DADS’ cycling to Durban to support children in need, the DADS Charity Tour moves into its 16th edition, with a lot to prove after a difficult 2020 for all – we look forward to having a full tour. 

Widely known as one of the best organised tours, our core focus is raising money for the charities we support: Childhood Cancer Foundation of SA (CHOC), The Down Syndrome Association of Gauteng (TDSAG), Fulton School for the Deaf & Kids Haven.

Date: 20 – 24 October 2021


  • Joburg to Standerton +- 145km
  • Standerton to Newcastle +- 135km
  • Newcastle to Estcourt +- 166km
  • Estcourt to Hillcrest +- 135km
  • Hillcrest to Durban +- 86km

The Tour Entry has officially closed, but we welcome all and any support from the greater DADS Community.

We are always looking for support through donations but also sponsors for the tour which reduce costs and increase funds raised.

Durban Cycle Tour 2021

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